Why Sasquatch?

Story of Sasquatch:

So, how did the Sasquatch become the logo for an organization dedicated to helping addicts and their families? It seems like an odd choice. Well, not really…

Anyone who knew Bobby knew he had an affinity for all things unbelievable: UFOs, extraterrestrial life, Bigfoot. Bobby truly believed in the existence of these extraordinary things. He never shied away from the opportunity to share the irrefutable evidence that creatures like Sasquatch were very real…all you had to do was believe! Bobby proudly believed in what seemed to be the impossible and he was not afraid to say it; he even had a sticker on his car featuring the silhouette of Bigfoot planted above two words: I BELIEVE. The Sasquatch embodied this idea for Bobby during his life: believe in the impossible.

For so many affected by substance abuse, recovery can seem unimaginable. The struggle to find treatment can feel as elusive as a Sasquatch sighting. But the road to recovery does not have to be as impossible to find as Bigfoot and more importantly, you do not have to go at it alone. That’s why I created the CAYA Coalition.

The struggle to find treatment for Bobby often felt as impossible and unbelievable as searching for the Sasquatch, but we believed it was there and we still do. The CAYA Coalition is that mythical big footed creature that many who are affected by addiction feel could not possibly exist: the road to recovery. It’s right here. You’ve found it.

Bigfoot Story of Sasquatch