Messages of Hope - Come As You Are (CAYA) Coalition

Messages of Hope

CAYA supporters would like to remind individuals struggling with an addiction, or those with a loved one who is, that they are not alone. The community supports them and their path to recovery. Messages left throughout the region are to take with them, read and leave, or pass on in another place in the community.

“While our intended audience for the messages of hope are people in the addiction disorder community, we realize that the holidays are a challenging time for many people. We are pleased to offer these gentle words of kindness for anyone who needs to read them,” says Moira Satre, CAYA founder.

Volunteers are invited to download Sasquatch approved messages to leave in public bathrooms, community bulletin boards, coffee shops, motel offices, food pantries, thrift stores and other areas where they are visible. Contact CAYA if you would like to have a new message added to the list.

Visit the Sightings of Sasquatch Facebook group page to upload photos of messages when you spot them.

Click on the message below to download the printable pdf: